Cukurova University,Department of Textile Engineering, Main Branch of Textile Technology

June 20, 2016

A Study on Usage of Chenille Yarn in Denim Fabric Production

Producers benefit from various applications to increase the usage of denim for the winter seasons.

However, the current applications have negative effects on clothing comfort.

In this study, availability of chenille yarn, which is a type of fancy yarn for denim industry, has been examined by improving aforementioned clothing comfort.

We investigated the differences between breaking strength, breaking elongation, tear strength and abrasion resistance of chenille denim and standard denim which have the same values of mass per unit area.

Consequently, in contrast to earlier findings that chenille yarns have lower abrasion resistance, this research explores unanticipated findings.

Furthermore, acceptable values in point of tear strength, breaking strength and elongation were obtained of the chenille denim.

Source: Tekstil ve Mühendis
Publisher: UCTEA Chamber of Textile Engineers
Original Language: Turkish
Document type: Article / Open Access

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