Cukurova University,Department of Textile Engineering, Main Branch of Textile Technology

October 15, 2019

An Image Processing Research Consistent with Standard Photographs to Determine Pilling Grade of Woven Fabrics

Objective results corresponding to each parameter were analyzed comparatively with these subjective results. 

The developed method was successful by using mean of matrix elements from textural parameters and total area from pill characteristics.
In this study, MATLAB 2018a software was used to evaluate pilling grade of woven fabrics objectively.

Experimental works were carried out on the EMPA W3 standard photographs and accordingly two woven fabrics.

Equations were built based on the measurements of pill characteristics and textural parameters of these photographs with the help of curve fitting method after image processing steps.

Intervals were generated for each fabric by using slope of these equations and quantitative parameters obtained from the original fabric.

Furthermore, fabrics that were provided pilling formation at different test turns were evaluated subjectively by expert operators. 

Source: Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon
Publisher: Ege University Textile and Apparel Research & Application Center
Original Language: English
Document type: Article / Open Access

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