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July 07, 2021

The Comparison of the Edge Detection Methods in the Determination of Yarn Hairiness through Image Processing

The resolution, quality and speed of the cameras have improved enormously in recent years. The combination of camera advancements and the software industry offers significant opportunities. 

In this study, an image processing approach for the determination of yarn hairiness was presented. Yarn images taken under a microscope were examined in MATLAB software. 

Seven different edge detection algorithms were used in order to separate the hairs from the yarn body. Seven different textural properties of obtained yarn images were compared with Zweigle hairiness test results. The findings have indicated that yarn hairiness can be clearly detected from microscope images with a six-step algorithm. 

The first four phases are grayscale, double format, 2D median filtering and histogram-fitting, respectively. The fifth stage is the edge detection algorithm and the sixth stage is the use of textural parameters. When compared with the Zweigle hairiness results, the most obvious finding to emerge from this study is that the best appropriate technique for edge detection was the Sobel method, and the textural parameter to be used in the evaluation was the standard deviation of matrix elements.

Source: Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon
Publisher: Ege University Textile and Apparel Research & Application Center
Original Language: English
Document type: Article / Open Access